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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
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Administrative Investigations & Compliance Branch

The Administrative Investigations and Compliance Branch (AICB) supports APHIS and FAS by conducting investigations and fact-finding of possible employee misconduct involving violations of Federal laws, rules, and regulations. AICB serves as an investigative liaison with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), regarding OIG Hotline Complaints that are referred to the Agency for further action.

AICB is also responsible for managing APHIS’ and FAS’ Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention and Response Program.

Please contact the AICB Chief Taryn McCaughey Tometich at (970) 494-7419 or via Microsoft Teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AICB acts as impartial fact-finders to gather evidence, conduct interviews, and compile the information to provide to Management and the LMER Branch to assist them in making informed decisions.

No.  Any allegations of potential criminal misconduct are referred to the USDA OIG.

Please notify a supervisor or manager.  If it is a matter in which the supervisor or manager requires assistance, they may submit an AICB Request for Services Form.

If the complaint is regarding your first-line supervisor or manager, you may notify your second-line supervisor or manager, another supervisor or manager, or the OIG Hotline Complaint line.

You may also submit any complaints to the OIG Hotline Complaint line: Hotline | U.S. Department of Agriculture OIG (

As stated in Departmental Regulation (DR) 4070-735-001, Employee Responsibilities and Conduct, subpart 19.a:

Every employee is required to report actions by other employees that they know, or have a reasonable basis to believe, are violations of law or regulation. A report may be made to the USDA Office of Inspector General, the employee’s supervisor, or any appropriate USDA management official.

If you are a supervisor or manager, work with the LMER Branch and submit a Request for AICB Services Form.

Yes.  We prefer that interviews are conducted during official time.  Please discuss with the AICB Investigator assigned to your case if this is a concern.

Yes.  We prefer that statements are reviewed and signed during official time.  Please discuss with the AICB Investigator assigned to your case if this is a concern.

Yes.  Per DR-4070-735-001, Employee Responsibilities and Conduct, subpart C.

Cooperation with USDA Investigations:

Every employee is required to provide all information he or she possesses to authorized representatives of USDA when called upon, if the inquiry relates to official matters and the information is obtained in the course of employment or as a result of relationships incident to such employment.  Such activities include participating in interviews requested by authorized representatives of USDA and furnishing signed, sworn/affirmed statements to the authorized representatives. Failure to respond to requests for information, including the furnishing of signed sworn/affirmed statements in a timely manner, or failure to appear as a witness in official proceedings may result in disciplinary action.  (Nothing set forth herein shall be deemed to infringe upon an employee's right to invoke the protection of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution with respect to self-incrimination in a criminal investigation or for a bargaining unit employee to request union representation in accordance with his or her rights under 5 USC §7114 (a)(2)(B) – Weingarten Rights.)

If you are covered by a Union agreement, please review your Weingarten Rights, and contact your bargaining unit representative with any questions.

If you are not covered by a Union, you still have the right to representation.

In general, the role of the Representative is to assist the employee without interfering with the investigation and/or interview.

Upon request, AICB can only provide the status of the investigation: ongoing or complete.

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