How To Import Plants and Plant Products into the United States

Last Modified: May 06, 2024

Import requirements vary depending on the specific commodity and country of origin. You can find this information in our ACIR database.

Agricultural Commodity Import Requirements (ACIR)

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The ACIR database contains import requirements (including Federal import orders) for the following agricultural commodities:

  • Cut flowers and greenery
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Pest organisms
  • Processed fruit and vegetables
  • Plants and seeds for planting and propagation
  • Seeds not for planting
  • Soil, soil amendments, and rocks
  • Wood products and byproducts

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Import Permits

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APHIS eFile is the online system to apply for and receive import and transit permits for plants, plant pests, soil, and agricultural products.

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Things To Know When Importing Plants and Plant Products

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