Veterinary Biologics

Last Modified: March 28, 2024

APHIS regulates veterinary biologics (vaccines, bacterins, antisera, diagnostic kits, and other products of biological origin) to ensure that the veterinary biologics available for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of animal diseases are pure, safe, potent, and effective. 

This work is done by APHIS' Center for Veterinary Biologics (CVB) and is centered around enforcement of the Virus Serum Toxin Act (16.44 KB). For more information, visit Common Questions About Veterinary Biologics.
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View the list of biologics that are currently licensed by APHIS as well as licensing data for those products.

Report adverse events experienced when using biologics, and learn about APHIS' role in these scenarios.

Find information and guidance on the NCAH Portal as it applies to CVB.

Learn how to get started on the regulatory path toward licensure.

Learn about importing biologics for experimental use or distribution/sale.

Learn how CVB facilitates the export of licensed biologicals.

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