Commenting Opportunities: Plant Health

Last Modified: March 30, 2024
One man and one woman wearing yellow USDA Plant Pest Survey vests looking for pests on grapevines.

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As ecosystems evolve, our efforts to protect plant health need to evolve with them. That’s why APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine invites people like you to participate in the decision-making and regulatory process. Check out this page for opportunities for public comment, from pest and disease topics to risk management and more.

Latest Commenting Opportunities

Send Suggestions on List of Diseases and Pests

Animal and Plant Diseases and Pests of Concern

For the 2018 Farm Bill, APHIS developed a list of 59 pests and diseases that pose the most significant threat to U.S. agriculture. If you have information about a pest not included on our list or has the potential to harm agriculture, please let us know here.

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