Biotechnology Contacts

Last Modified: March 17, 2024


Contact the BRS eFile support staff if you're a biotechnology permit applicant and have questions about using the APHIS eFile system.

BRS Support Staff


9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. ET

Biotechnology Permit Status

Contact us to ask about the permitting process for importation, interstate movement, or environmental release of modified organisms or to check on the status of your permit application or request labels.

BRS Permits Staff

Modified Microorganism Permitting Requirements

Contact us if you have questions about whether your modified microorganism requires a BRS permit.

Biotech Microbes

Letter of No Permit Required

Contact us to request a "Letter of No Permit Required."

BRS Letter of No Permit Required

Compliance Questions, Incident Reporting, and Report Submission

Contact us to learn about the compliance and inspection process, report a compliance incident, or submit a required report.

BRS Compliance

Exemptions and the Confirmation Request Process

Contact us if you have questions about exemptions or the confirmation request process or to submit a confirmation request.

BRS Exemptions and Confirmations

Regulatory Status Reviews of Modified Plants

Contact us if you have questions about the Regulatory Status Review process or want to submit a Regulatory Status Review request.

BRS Regulatory Status Reviews

Regulation of Modified Organisms

Contact us if you have general questions about APHIS’ regulation of biotechnology plants or plant pests.

Regulation of Modified Organisms

All Animal Products and Veterinary Biologics

Contact APHIS Veterinary Services for importing, exporting, or licensing animal products or biologics (including those that are genetically modified).

For general requests:

Animal Product Import and Export Team


Email is preferred.

For CVB-related questions, including policy, evaluation, and licensing as well as inspection and compliance:

Center for Veterinary Biologics

Mailing Address:

1920 Dayton Ave.

P.O. Box 844

Ames, IA 50010

Plants and Plant Products That Are Not Modified Using Genetic Engineering

Contact APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine if you have questions about plants, plant products, or plant pests that are not genetically modified.

For general questions:

Plant Permits Team

For questions about CITES (endangered plant species)


Phone: 301-851-2347

For questions about permits for regulated organisms and soil:

Pest Permits Team

Biotechnology Regulatory Services Headquarters

Contact the BRS main office for general questions or information.

APHIS BRS Headquarters

Phone: 301-851-3877

Mailing address:

4700 River Rd.

Uni 146

Riverdale, MD 20738