Emergency and Regulatory Compliance Contacts

Last Modified: March 30, 2024

Emergency Support Function #11

Federal, State, local, Tribal, and Territorial emergency management personnel may contact ESF #11 coordinators to address preparedness and response issues within their region.

Investigative and Enforcement Services (IES)

Investigative and Enforcement Services enforces the major laws APHIS operates under.

IES Headquarters

Phone: 301-851-2948

Mailing Address:

4700 River Rd.

Unit 85

Riverdale, MD 20737

APHIS Tort Claims

APHIS processes claims against the Government under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

APHIS Tort Claims

Select Agents

APHIS and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention jointly manage the Federal Select Agent Program. APHIS regulates those agents that can cause disease in plants or animals.