Wildlife Services Contacts

Last Modified: June 25, 2024

Wildlife Damage Assistance

APHIS Wildlife Services leads our Nation's efforts to manage conflicts between people and wildlife so they can coexist. We have professionals available throughout the country to help address wildlife-related problems, such as livestock predation, crop losses, property damage, and more. Find your State office in the dropdown menu or call 866-4USDA-WS to be automatically routed to a State office based on the area code you are calling from.

National Wildlife Research Center

The National Wildlife Research Center leads U.S. research to find innovative solutions for managing wildlife damage. Contact the Center to find an expert on a specific topic, partner with us on a project, or start a license agreement for a new technology.

National Wildlife Research Center

4101 LaPorte Ave.

Fort Collins, CO


National Rabies Management Program

Through the National Rabies Management Program, APHIS works with partners across the country to manage and eliminate rabies in U.S. wildlife. Contact our program coordinator for questions about rabies, our work to vaccinate wildlife against the disease, a vaccine bait you've found, or how to purchase baits or get them distributed in your area.

Richard Chipman

National Rabies Management Coordinator

National Wildlife Disease Program

The National Wildlife Disease Program works with partners nationwide to conduct disease monitoring and surveillance in wild animals and is the primary emergency response contact point within APHIS Wildlife Services. Our program coordinator is available for questions about wildlife disease monitoring and surveillance, the status of disease outbreaks and emerging disease events, and wildlife emergency response activities in natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, wildfires) or oil spills.

Julianna Lenoch

National Wildlife Disease Program Coordinator

National Feral Swine Damage Management Program

Through the National Feral Swine Damage Management Program, APHIS works closely with partners at the Federal, State, and local levels to address the extensive damage caused by feral swine populations. Contact our program coordinator for questions about this work or to request outreach or informational materials.

Dana Cole

Coordinator, National Feral Swine Damage Management Program