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Contact Veterinary Services

Contact Veterinary Services

  • Report a sick or dead livestock animal
  • Information about  livestock animal health (this would lead to information about animal health programs)
  • Information about  livestock animal diseases 
  • Preparing livestock animal to participate in 4H or the Fair (this would lead to Scrapie/ NPIP information, etc.)
  • Transit an animal or animal product through the U.S. to a final destination country
  • Importing or inspecting a live animal or animal product from a foreign country
  • Requesting approval as a private animal import quarantine facility
  • Discussing quarantine of animals arriving from a foreign country
  • Scheduling an Inspection of animals for export
  • Questions about  International Pet Travel and Health Certificate Endorsement
  • Endorsing an Export Certificate for Animal Products 
  • Endorsing a Health Certificate for Live Animals
  • Scheduling Animal Product Facility Export Inspections
  • Scheduling Pre-Export Isolation Facility Inspections
  • Confirm current trade restrictions
  • Find out more about testing requirements for international trade
  • Check on the status of or apply for Veterinary Accreditation
  • Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health information
  • Commodity Centers
  • National Animal Disease Traceability
  • National Preparedness and Incident Coordination Center

  • Center for Veterinary Biologics
  • National Veterinary Services Laboratories
  • National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility information
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