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Pet travel from the U.S. to India

Save Time and Money with VEHCS!

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Accredited Veterinarians can submit health certificates for USDA APHIS endorsement electronically through VEHCS (Veterinary Export Health Certification System). 

Plus, this country accepts USDA APHIS digital endorsement. This means the final, endorsed health certificate that travels with the animal(s) can be printed out directly from VEHCS and does NOT have to be mailed back to you.

Before going to VEHCS: Scroll below this banner to view animal-specific requirements.

To process some health certificates, VEHCS may need the Accredited Veterinarian to upload the completed fillable PDF version found in the requirements section of this page. Either save a copy of the PDF below, or return to this page for the health certificate, if prompted by VEHCS.

Accredited Veterinarians, log in here if you wish to use VEHCS.
Accredited Veterinarians, help with using VEHCS is available on the VEHCS Help Page.
Learn how to issue a health certificate using VEHCS (A Step-by-step Guide).
NOTE: The endorsed health certificate (paper, not electronic) must accompany the shipment. It can be printed out directly from VEHCS.

Flights to India may be affected. Please check with your airline prior to shipment/travel. USDA has no additional information at this time.

India's website for pet import regulations can be found here 

  • Procedure for import of pet dogs into India: Click here
  • Procedure for import of pet cats into India: Click here 

The requirements for traveling with your pet are described in the health certificate.

A health certificate for dogs or cats can also be generated by the pet's veterinarian through the Veterinary Export Health Certification System ( Once the veterinarian logs on to VEHCS and enters the destination country and commodity, VEHCS will walk them through each step to generate the certificate and submit it to APHIS for endorsement.

NOTE: A printed paper copy of the completed health certificate must accompany each shipment.

Quick Reference Guides for the pet's veterinarian can be found HERE

India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) requires all pets temporarily traveling to India to obtain a DGFT license before obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) and traveling. The form used to apply for the DGFT License is called the ANF-2M. Columns 2(i) & (ii), 3(ii), 4, 5, 7, 8 & 9 must be completed prior to submission of the form to India’s Regional Authorities.

The application form and details regarding how to submit it can be found here

Please note: The DGFT license may take about one month for processing.

Pets (dogs & cats) need an NOC document in addition to a valid health certificate. The exporter (pet owner) is responsible for obtaining the NOC from India.  USDA APHIS is not involved and does not endorse the NOC.

All pets entering into India must be issued an NOC from the Animal Quarantine and Certification Station (AQCS) in India whether accompanied or manifest, prior to landing into India. People intending on arriving with their pets as accompanied luggage can have an agent apply for this certificate before they enter the country.  The NOC can be applied for by mail, fax, or in-person.

The NOC document takes about 5 working days to obtain. Documents required prior to obtaining this document, are:

  1. All vaccination records of the pet.
  2. Government issued veterinary certificate from the exporting country USDA document.
  3. Flight details /confirmation of the passenger's travel into India/ Copy of the airway bill 

Procedural Formalities:

  1. No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by the Quarantine Officer at the Animal Quarantine Station in India.
  2. A duplicate copy of the NOC has to be fixed on the crate of the pet during the air travel.
  3. Original copy of the NOC has to be produced in India to get the pet released from the customs at the Airport in India.
  4. On arrival in India, an appointment with the Quarantine Officer for issue of a temporary Health Certificate on examination of the pet.
  5. 30 days thereafter a certificate of health to be obtained from a local veterinarian to be produced at the Animal Quarantine Station. Then, the pet will be issued a permanent certificate of health for his/her stay in India.

Having an in-country representative is preferred to get an NOC from the Quarantine officer before arrival and per the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries (DADF) most of the applicants appoint some in-country representative who works for them.  However, if the passenger does not have any contact in India then they can send the original documents via email.  In such cases it is recommended to send a copy to DADF & a follow-up phone call is suggested to the specific quarantine station.  The DADF stressed that such cases are dealt with on an exceptional basis.

Contact information for AQCS at the different ports can be found by clicking the following links:

AQCS Delhi

AQCS Mumbai

AQCS Kolkatta

AQCS Chennai

AQCS Bangalore

AQCS Hyderabad

On arrival, the Regional Officer/ Quarantine Officer will examine the health of dog/cat, verify the veterinary certificate and vaccination records of imported dog/cat. If the pet(s) is/are free from any clinical illness as well as the documents including veterinary certificate/vaccination records are found in order, the animals imported as pets under accompanied baggage or un-accompanied baggage shall be quarantined for 15 days. If the pet is detected with any signs of clinical illness during quarantine, the period of quarantine may be extended depending on the disease and its severity.

Dogs/cats brought for temporary visits, such as shows, visitors, travelers, therapy, assistance and security purposes, along with masters, shall be exempted from 15 days quarantine period provided the owner of the pet presents required documents:

  1. passport/pet book/health card of dog,
  2. passport of owner,
  3. visa
  4. return journey ticket,
  5. health certificate issued by the veterinary authority in the name of owner carrying the dog; and
  6. proof of purpose of visit.

In such case(s) owner shall furnish the health certificate fulfilling sanitary conditions as above. Also, during the stay in India, the owner shall furnish details of his/her temporary location, phone number etc. so that the quarantine officer may visit the place for verification, if required. The owner of the pet(s) shall be present at the time of entry into India and during his/her return from India at the respective AQCS. This provision is applicable for import up to two pets only. The quarantine officer will prepare a declaration form for this category of animal.

No import of feed or bedding etc. will be allowed along with the dog(s).

For pet travel requirements not listed, APHIS has not been officially informed by the foreign country about the requirements for your pet’s travel. We recommended that you contact a government official of the country you are traveling to for more information.

Country of destination contact information:  

Considerations for Airline Travel

Airlines and shipping lines have their own policies and requirements for transporting pets. Check with your airline or shipping representative to determine what requirements they may have.

Additional information for pet owners, airlines, and others about APHIS endorsement of international health certificates.

View requirements for returning to the US with your pet

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