Pets on Planes

Last Modified: February 10, 2024

Welcome to “Pets on Planes" training! When traveling with your pet, there are many issues to consider. This training will help pet owners and airport personnel understand the factors that can improve the safety of dogs and cats during air travel. 

The "Pets on Planes" training includes videos, text lessons, and quizzes to help you plan for the safe air journey of your dog or cat and increase the likelihood that they will arrive healthy at their destination. 

There are two lessons. The first lesson is designed for both the pet owner and those receiving pets for air travel. The second lesson includes information for airline personnel. Both lessons will help you understand the needs and requirements of dogs and cats traveling by air. We hope you find these lessons useful, and that they improve the safety and comfort of your pet during air travel.

This lesson is designed for pet owners who are planning to travel with their dogs or cats and airport personnel who have the responsibility of accepting dogs or cats for air travel.

This lesson is designed for airport personnel who are responsible for caring for dogs or cats and handling kennels during air travel.