Help us spread the word to save the herd. These helpful resources on African swine fever are available to everyone with an interest in protecting our pigs. Please share the content with your networks and on your social and other channels.

Activity Book

Print out, puzzle through, and pass around this fun activity book to learn more about African Swine Fever and help defend U.S. pigs. Ideal for ages 8 and up.

Protect Our Pigs Badge

Spread the word about the Protect Our Pigs campaign by displaying, posting, and sharing this eye-catching campaign badge, available in multiple formats.

Social Graphics

Share these graphics on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to encourage pig owners, producers, and others to take steps to protect our swine, food supply, and livelihoods.

Audio and Video

Listen to, watch, and share our radio ads and videos on how protecting our pigs is a matter of livelihood and death.


Download our posters and hang them around your farm, facility, or worksite so that everyone on your team knows how to stay vigilant and stay safe against African swine fever.

Partner Toolkits

Show your members all the different ways they can engage and stand together to protect our pigs, livelihoods, and industry from this potentially devastating foreign animal disease.

Articles and Blogs

Read and share expert insights on the history of African swine fever, steps to protect your swine from the deadly disease, how to spot signs of the virus, and more.

Report Any Signs

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Immediately report animals with any signs to State or Federal animal health officials or call USDA for appropriate testing and investigation.

Call USDA at 1-866-536-7593

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