NWRC Primary Contacts

Last Modified: July 11, 2024

The National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) employs more than 150 scientists, technicians, and support personnel with expertise in a wide variety of administrative and scientific disciplines. Together, these experts develop new tools and techniques to resolve human-wildlife conflicts.

Director's Office (Fort Collins)

Jason Suckow, Director 

Jimmy Taylor, Assistant Director

Douglas C. Eckery, Assistant Director  

Natalie Erhart, Administrative Officer

The following lists NWRC’s project and unit leaders, and several specialists.

NameTitleResearch or Support Area
Blackwell, BradleyProject Leader Ohio 
Field Station Leader
Aviation Safety
Bruemmer, JasonProject LeaderPopulation Management / Fertility Control
Carlisle, KeithUnit LeaderHuman Dimensions
Carlson, JimBiosafety OfficerRegulatory Support Services
Chandler, JeffUnit LeaderLaboratory Support Services
Cunningham, FredProject Leader Mississippi 
Field Station Leader
Falendysz, ElizabethSupervisory Attending Veterinarian 
Unit Leader
Animal Care
Foley, MaryUnit LeaderInformation Services
Franklin, AlanProject LeaderAgricultural Food Security and Safety
Gilbert, AmyProject LeaderRabies
Haller, KerryBudget SupervisorAdministration
Hess, StevenProject Leader
Hawaii Field Station Leader
Invasive Species on Islands
Hibbs-Shipp, SarahUnit LeaderRegulatory Support Services / Technology Transfer 
Horak, KatherineResearch BiologistPopulation Management / Toxicology
Kluever, BryanProject Leader 
Florida Field Station Leader
Avian and Invasive Species Populations
Klug, PageProject Leader 
North Dakota Field Station Leader
Bird Damage
Malmberg, JenniferProject LeaderChronic Wasting Disease
Maybon, LarryFacilities ManagerAdministration
Nicholas, KellieBioarchivistInformation Services 
Oligschlaeger, LucasSafety OfficerRegulatory Support Services / Safety, NEPA
Pepin, KimResearch BiologistFeral Swine and Other Ungulates / Modeling
Phillips, AaronSupervisory DiagnosticianLaboratory Support Services / Wildlife Diagnostics
Piaggio, ToniProject LeaderWildlife Genetics
Ranglack, DustinProject Leader 
Utah Field Station Leader
Predator Management
Root, JeffProject LeaderWildlife Disease
Ruell, EmilyRegistration ManagerRegulatory Support Services / Registration
Shiels, AaronProject LeaderRodents
Shwiff, StephanieProject LeaderEconomics
Siers, ShaneSupervisory Research BiologistInvasive Species on Islands / Guam 
VerCauteren, KurtProject LeaderFeral Swine and Other Ungulates
Werner, ScottProject LeaderRepellents