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Supervisor Resources

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Congratulations on your new employee(s)!

This site contains information, resources and tools to which can be used as a starting point for successfully acculturating and developing new employees. USDA strives to create a positive working experience where staff are informed and engaged and have strong working relationships with their manager/supervisor and colleagues.

A successful onboarding program makes a positive impression on a new employee and creates a welcome feeling which confirms their decision to work for USDA.

Onboarding is more than completing new hire paperwork or attending an orientation. Onboarding is a collaborative, strategic approach that provides new employees with the needed information, tools and resources to effectively meet organizational goals. Supervisors are KEY to this process!!

Onboarding aims to:

  • Increase new employee productivity by orienting them about the USDA, its Mission Areas and Agencies and their respective cultures
  • Improve retention rates of new employees by providing a wide array of information to ensure they feel engaged, successful and connected. This includes providing them with “meaningful work” as quickly as possible
  • Provide audience specific, in-depth, timely information over an extended period of time so that information is useful and memorable for the new employee. Don’t overwhelm them in their first week and expect them to retain everything you’ve told them
  • Streamline processes and provide best practice information to enable managers/supervisors to deliver high-quality consistent and accurate information systematically to ALL new employee
  • Foster an environment of employee engagement where employees feel that the USDA is a GREAT place to work

Before First Day

  • Connect with the New Employee regarding logistics for their first day of work
  • Refer the New Employee to the information found in their Official Offer Letter
  • Prepare for the New Employee

First Day

  • Introduce the New Employee to the Team
  • Ensure the New Employee receives a New Employee Orientation
  • Focus on sharing Agency and Program mission and values
  • Complete Day One paperwork
  • Request any IT resources/networks required for work

First Week

  • Ensure the New Employee has received their eAuthentication & Linc Pass messages
  • Orient the New Employee to the organization and/or office norms
  • Assign meaningful work
  • Introduce the New Employee to their Buddy

First Month

  • Monitor performance and provide regular feedback
  • Set performance expectations and help New Employee to create their IDP
  • Provide essential training
  • Familiarize employee with professional and personal development opportunities

6 Months-Year

  • Recognize positive employee contributions
  • Provide formal and informal feedback on performance
  • Set future performance & developmental goals

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Resource Documents and Links for Supervisors

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