Swine: Pseudorabies and Swine Brucellosis Surveillance State Animal Health Official Reporting Dashboard

Last Modified: February 11, 2024

USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) surveys for pseudorabies (PRV) and swine brucellosis (SB). The PRV and SB dashboard provides State animal health officials with both national-  and State-level views of APHIS’ surveillance data. APHIS uses this data to rapidly detect PRV and SB in U.S. swine should an introduction occur, monitor feral swine for disease introduction, and demonstrate disease freedom.


Users navigate the dashboard by clicking on the tabs at the top of the main page. The dashboard includes five tabs: a testing summary tab, a PRV testing history tab, a sampling by age class tab, a cull-sows boars sampling effort by State tab, and an objectives & populations tab for reference. The testing summary tab provides the number of accessions and tests completed for each surveillance component for the fiscal year selected, with PRV testing data summarized in the top table and SB data in the bottom table.

screenshot of testing summary overview tab on dashboard

The other tabs provide more detailed information, and each tab allows users to filter information by fiscal quarter and year as well as by display level (national or State).

PRV Testing History Tab

This tab provides the number of tests completed for PRV for each surveillance component.

screenshot showing view of Testing History Tab on dashboard

Sampling by Age Class Tab

This tab provides the total number of PRV or SB tests completed for each age class across the different components.

screenshot showing view of Sampling by Age Class Tab on dashboard

Cull Sows-Boar Sampling Effort by State Tab

This tab provides the total number of PRV or SB tests completed on cull sow-boars for the indicated fiscal year, with the count divided by State and in descending order.

screenshot showing view of Cull Sows-Boar Sampling Effort tab on dashboard

Users can hover over the graphics on the dashboard for additional information.

Quick Tip: Users can find a description of each swine population on the Objectives & Populations tab.

Need Help?

If you have trouble accessing the dashboard or viewing the data it contains, contact vs.data.services@usda.gov.

Please direct questions about dashboard content to the animal health point of contact listed in the dashboard.