Last Modified: April 02, 2024

APHIS eFile is the online system for users to apply for and receive import, interstate movement, transit, release permits, apply for permit renewals and amendments, submit annual reports, and receive regulatory guidance. 

ePermits is APHIS’ legacy permitting system, and as of September 30, 2022, APHIS no longer accepts new permit applications or issue renewals through ePermits. All active permits issued through ePermits will remain valid and eligible for amendment until permit expiration. APHIS will not transfer ePermit data to the APHIS eFile system. You will need to submit a new application in APHIS eFile when any of your ePermits permits expire.

Application FormApplication Name
BRS/APHIS 2000 (Web) ApplicationPermit for importation, interstate movement, or environmental release of certain genetically engineered (GE) organisms
BRS/APHIS 2000 (XML Application)Permit for importation, interstate movement, or environmental release of certain genetically engineered (GE) organisms
Dog Import PermitsPermit for importation of Live Dogs for resale, research, or veterinary treatment
PPQ-525AApplication for Permit to Receive Soil
PPQ-526Application for Permit to Move Live Plant Pests, Noxious Weeds, Soils, and Prohibited Plants
PPQ-546Agreement for Postentry Quarantine
PPQ-585Permit for Importation of timber and timber products
PPQ-586Application for movement of plants, plant products, plant pests, or soil in cargo through the United States
PPQ-587Permit for importation of plants or plant products
PPQ-588Application for permit to import prohibited plants or plant products for experimental purposes 
PPQ-621Application for protected plant permit to engage in the business of importing, exporting or re-exporting terrestrial plants or plant products that are protected.
VS 16-3 and VS 16-7
(if applicable)
Application for permit to import or transport Animal Products, Organisms or Vectors, and if applicable, application for Permit to Import Cell Cultures and Their Products.
VS 16-79 On-HoldOnly for shipments of animal products, organisms, and vectors. Request assistance for shipments placed on-hold by CBP because they do not meet APHIS VS requirements.
VS 17-129Application for permit to import/transit Live Animals

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