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NVSL Diagnostic, Bioanalytical, and Reagent Laboratory

The Diagnostic Bioanalytical and Reagent Laboratory (DBRL) supports national and international livestock disease control programs though diagnostic testing, proficiency testing, and reagent supply within its five constituent sections (listed below). For a complete list of available tests and products, please see the Diagnostic Testing Catalogs or the Reagents and Proficiency Testing Catalogs.

  • Serology: The Serology Section specializes in serological assays for anaplasmosis, brucellosis, contagious equine metritis, bovine and equine piroplasmosis, dourine, glanders, and various mycobacterial agent exposures (e.g. Johne’s, bovine/cervid TB).
  • Parasitology: The Parasitology Section supports Veterinary Services’ efforts to prevent or eradicate pests (e.g., the Cattle Fever Tick Eradication Program and the Screwworm Eradication Program) by providing identification services for foreign and native ticks (i.e. The National Tick Surveillance Program), mange mites, other ectoparasites, fly larvae that cause myiasis, and hemoparasites.


  • Chemistry and Analytical Services (CAS): The CAS Section supports the Cattle Fever Tick Eradication Program by performing chemical analyses on pesticide solutions used in dip tanks and sprayers and by measuring ivermectin levels in wildlife baits to confirm safe, effective pesticide and drug concentrations. The Section further performs blood screening tests to detect fraudulent submissions and ensure the integrity of livestock import and export disease surveillance programs. The Section also contributes to the mission of the Center for Veterinary Biologics by analyzing chemical components of vaccine candidates.


  • Proficiency Testing and Reagents (PTR): The PTR Section administers a proficiency testing program and produces reagents and reference sera for avian influenza surveillance; and the Section provides various laboratory animal and livestock-specific fluorescent antibody conjugates and primary cell lines.
  • Brucella, Mycobacterium, and Hemoparasite Reagents (BMRT/HRU): The BMRT/HRU Section produces control sera, antigens (including PPD), proficiency tests, and cultures for various livestock-related species of Brucella and Mycobacterium, as well as control sera and antigens for bovine and equine piroplasmosis, dourine, and glanders.
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