Last Modified: March 29, 2024

The Forest Pest Methods Laboratory provides tools for detection, survey and control of exotic plant pests to safeguard agricultural commodities, natural resources and trade.

The lab has approximately 60 federal and cooperating employees located at the primary Buzzards Bay location, and four field stations in 1) Salinas, California, 2) E. Stroudsburg Pennsylvania, 3) Bethel, Ohio, and 4) Brighton, Michigan. The lab’s Insect Containment Facility currently holds 23 insects and two parasitoids and is a vital resource that enables research groups to deliver impactful products and recommendations to PPQ.

The laboratory has four core groups 1) Commodity Treatment and Pest Management, 2) Rearing, 3) Survey Detection and Analysis, and 4) Salinas Field Station. The Commodity Treatment and Pest Management group focuses on phytosanitary treatments, insecticide technologies, and pest surveillance and management methods. The Rearing group develops insect rearing protocols and maintains insect colonies that enable work at the lab as well as research institutions around the world. The Survey, Detection and Analysis group specializes in chemical and behavioral ecology, quantitative risk analysis, molecular diagnostics, and production of lures for the CAPS program. The Salinas Field Station supports the commodity treatment and pest management methods for Asian citrus psyllid, light brown apple moth, and European grapevine moth.

The Forest Pest Methods Lab’s research groups support the safeguarding continuum through a wide variety of PPQ programs that include exotic pest-detection, emergency response, and eradication programs. Additional work focuses on the development of regulatory treatments for various commodities and conveyance materials, such as solid wood packaging material.

To fulfill its mission, laboratory personnel maintain cooperative relationships with USDA ARS, USDA Forest Service, universities, private industry, and foreign government organizations.


Scott Pfister

Laboratory Director

Mailing Address

1398 W. Truck Rd.

Joint Base Cape Cod

Buzzards Bay, MA