Country Acceptance List for VEHCS

Last Modified: March 25, 2024

The Veterinary Export Health Certification System (VEHCS) is APHIS' online system used to create, issue, submit, and endorse live animal health certificates for export. It helps APHIS certify compliance with importing countries' requirements for live animal exports and makes the process of gaining health certificate endorsement from APHIS faster.

All export health certificates for live animals for any destination country can now be issued electronically in VEHCS. A USDA-accredited veterinarian issues (completes and signs) the certificate and submits it to the APHIS Veterinary Export Trade Services Endorsement Office in VEHCS.

This page lists which countries accept APHIS’ electronic endorsement of the certificate in VEHCS for either (1) all animals exported to that country or (2) only certain animals. The page also lists specific situations where VEHCS is the only option for obtaining endorsement. For the countries and species listed below, VEHCS can be used for the entire health certification process, including issuance, submission, endorsement, and certificate return.

For countries or animals not listed below, the APHIS endorsement office will print the health certificate submitted in VEHCS by the USDA-Accredited Veterinarian, physically endorse it (ink-sign and emboss), and return the certificate by mail or hold it for in-person pickup. For certificates that will be returned by mail, please ensure the USDA-Accredited Veterinarian uploads a prepaid address label into VEHCS before they submit the certificate to APHIS for review and endorsement.

Country Acceptance List

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