Regulatory Status Review Table

Last Modified: June 27, 2024

The table below provides regulatory status review (RSR) requests submitted to APHIS and APHIS’ corresponding responses.

1 A plant produced through genetic engineering, the term "mechanism of action (MOA)" is defined as the biochemical process(es) through which genetic material determines a trait (7 CFR § 340.3).  For pesticidal products, the sequence of the product and its expression at particular life stages and tissues affect the specificity and action of the product. Therefore, to be considered the same MOA, a pesticidal product must have 1) complete sequence identity to a previously considered product at the amino acid level for proteins or the nucleic acid level for RNA sequences and 2) a tissue concentration profile no higher than the previously considered product. Since the same name has sometimes been used in different antecedent submissions to denote different pesticidal MOAs, each pesticidal antecedent submission is listed on a different row in this table. For pesticidal MOAs, please consult the antecedent petition or antecedent RSR for the specific sequence and concentration defining the MOA in the plant.

2 The information on this table may not be enough to confirm if another plant has the same MOA, due to the CBI claim in this request.