Submit Research Facility Annual Reports

Last Modified: February 17, 2024

All annual reports are now submitted and processed online. Online submissions will require the appropriate USDA login credentials and facility access code.

All annual report information has been emailed to the person and email Animal Care has on record as the point of contact for each facility. If you did not receive an email and believe you should have, please contact the Animal Care office at or 970-494-7477.

Frequently Asked Questions

USDA Animal Care maintains a system for registered Research facilities which allows them to submit their annual animal usage report and supporting documents easily and securely via a web-based portal. The reporting portal is only open from October 1st through December 31st of each year.

Each facility must ensure that at least one authorized person has set up an e-Auth account and know the facility’s access code.

Don't have eAuth yet? Sign up now on the USDA e-Authentication website.

Don't have an admin access code? Contact us at or 970-494-7477.

To validate a user’s identity, you must be credentialed through USDA’s eAuthentication (eAuth) system. The facility access code is to ensure that a user is only accessing their facility’s annual report information. Both the eAuth and the access code combined is how Animal Care ensures that all information entered into the system is safe and secure.

Each facility is required to designate a person who is authorized to sign and conduct business on behalf of the facility, which is usually the Institution Official. As long as that person has the required USDA login credentials and facility access code, the annual report will be accepted.

Once you set up your eAuth account and obtain the facility access code, you are ready to access the reporting system.

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