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PPQ Forms

PPQ Forms

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Revision Date, Other Info


PPQ 203 Yes Foreign Site Certificate of Inspection and/or Treatment 07/2007 PDF
PPQ 205 No Shippers Declaration 12/2012 DOC
PPQ 227-R No Request for U.S. Customs Action 04/2001 PDF
PPQ 236 No Notice of Shipment and Report of Inspection of Imported Plants -Grown Under Post entry Quarantine 08/2000 PDF-Pg. 1
PDF-Pg. 2
PPQ 250 No Aircraft Clearance or Safeguard Order 02/2007 Employee Only PDF Employees Only
PPQ 252-R No Quarterly Inspection Checklist for Handling of Regulated Garbage - Airport Caterer 08/1991 PDF
PPQ 305 Yes Insect Collection Worksheet for Geneotype Analysis 08/2014 PDF
PPQ 309A Yes Pest Interception Record 09/2008 PDF
PPQ 368 Yes Notice of Arrival and Instructions 05/2009 PDF
PPQ 370 Yes Daily Grasshopper Survey Data 07/2010 PDF
PPQ 391 Yes Specimens for Determination 12/2017 PDF
PPQ 449-R Yes Temperature Recording Calibration Report (In-Transit Cold Treatment)
09/2008 PDF
PPQ 505 Yes Plant and Plant Product Declaration Form 08/2011 PDF
PPQ 505B Yes Plant and Plant Product Declaration Supplemental Form 08/2011 PDF
PPQ 519 Yes Compliance Agreement 09/2012 PDF
PPQ 525A Yes Application for Permit to Receive Soil 01/2008 PDF
PPQ 526 Yes Application for Permit to Move Live Plant Pests or Noxious Weeds 12/2011 PDF
PPQ 546 Yes Agreement for Post entry Quarantine 05/2012 PDF
PPQ 571 No District of Columbia Plant Health Certificate 09/2018 PDF
PPQ 572 Yes Application for Inspection and Certification of Plants and Plant Products for Export 04/2005 PDF
PPQ 575 No Monthly Summary of Export Certificates Issued 02/2002 PDF
PPQ 576 Yes Attachment Sheet for PPQ Form 577 or PPQ Form 579. Instructions for PPQ Form 576. 04/2005 PDF
PPQ 577 No View the Phytosanitary Certificate 02/2001 PDF
PPQ 578 No View an Export Certificate 02/2001 PDF
PPQ 579 No View a Phytosanitary Certificate for Reexport 02/2001 PDF
PPQ 585 Yes Application for Permit to Import Timber or Timber Products 10/2011 PDF
PPQ 586 Yes Application for Permit to Transit Plants and/or Plant Products Through the United States 01/2011 PDF
PPQ 587 Yes Application for Permit to Import Plants or Plant Products 07/2009 PDF
PPQ 588 Yes Application for Permit to Import Prohibited Plants or Plant Products for Experimental Purposes 12/2012 PDF
PPQ 621 Yes Application for Protected Plant Permit to Engage in the Business of Importing, Exporting or Re-exporting Terrestrial Plants 01/2014 PDF
PPQ 625 No Claim and Bond 06/2000 PDF
PPQ 626 No Petition for Remission or Mitigation of Forfeiture 04/2000 PDF
PPQ 816 Yes Contract Pilot and Aircraft Acceptance 09/2015 PDF
PPQ 818 Yes Sit Pilot and Aircraft Check-In Sheet 10/2018 PDF
PPQ 925 Yes Seed Analysis Certificate 01/2017 PDF
PPQ 926 No Karnal Bunt Compensation Claim Form 02/2002 PDF
PPQ 927 No Karnal Bunt Compensation Worksheet 02/2002 PDF
PPQ 950 Yes Importation of Solid Wood Packing Materials 08/2014 PDF


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