Pet travel from the U.S. to Israel

Pet travel from the U.S. to Israel

The requirements and fillable health certificate for travel of dogs and cats to Israel can be found in the below link to the health certificate. Please note that the pet's microchip must be implanted before or on the same date as the rabies vaccination documented on the health certificate. ​

The health certificate must be endorsed by APHIS after it has been issued by a USDA Accredited Veterinarian.

Veterinary Health Certificate for Dogs and Cats

  • A Veterinary Health Certificate is required for pet birds (parrots, psittacine and passerine) entering Israel. 
  • No more than 2 pet birds are allowed.
  • An import permit is not required for pet birds accompanied by owner for non-commercial purposes.

Veterinary Health Certificate for Pet Birds

A Veterinary Health Certificate is required for rabbits entering Israel.  Requirements and instructions are available on the Health Certificate.

Veterinary Health Certificate for Rabbits

For pet travel requirements not listed, APHIS has not been officially informed by the foreign country about the requirements for your pet’s travel. We recommended that you contact a government official of the country you are traveling to for more information.

Country of destination contact information:  

Considerations for airline travel:

Airlines may have separate and additional requirements. Check with your airline to determine what requirements they may have, if any. 

Additional information about APHIS’ role in international health certificate endorsement.

View requirements for returning to the US with your pet

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