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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
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Plant Health Permits

Permits are required for the importation, transit, domestic movement, including interstate, and environmental release of Organisms that impact plants, and the importation and transit of Plants and Plant Products under authority of the Plant Protection and Honeybee Acts.


Organism and Soil Permits 
Organism Permits include Plant Pests such as arthropods and mollusks (insects and snails); plant pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, nematodes, mycoplasma, viroids and viruses; biological control agents, bees, Plant Pest Diagnostic Laboratories, Soil Microbe Isolation Laboratories, Federal Noxious Weeds and Parasitic Plants.

Plants and Plant Products Permits 
Plant and Plant Product Permits include Plants for Planting such as nursery stock, small lots of seed, and Postentry; Plant Products such as fruits and vegetable, timber, cotton and cut flowers; Protected Plants and Plant Products such as orchids, and Threatened and Endangered plant species; Transit Permits to ship regulated articles into, through, and out of the U.S.; and Controlled Import Permits to import prohibited plant materials for research. 

Transit Permits
Transit Permits are required by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS) in advance of arrival for the unloading, landing or other movement of plants, plant products, plant pests, or soil in cargo through the United States.

EPA Registered Biopesticides and EPA Registered Isolates
APHIS no longer issues permits for the importation of EPA registered biopesticides. Click on the link for more information.

Graduate Students and Post-doctoral Workers Permit Eligibility


Register and Access ePermits
ePermits is an internet-based tool that allows users to submit permit applications, receive notifications of expirations, and access options for renewal.  


Access APHIS eFile and select Sign In | Sign Up to Register​
APHIS eFile is a web-based system that allows users to apply for and receive all Soil and Organism, and Plant and Plant Product permits.

APHIS Agricultural Commodity Import Requirements (ACIR) Search Tool 

ACIR is a search tool of import requirements for a variety of some, but not all, agricultural products. The data from ACIR automatically populates electronic permits. 

Non-eAuthenticated Applicants

APHIS implemented an enhancement that allows non-eAuthenticated applicants to electronically respond to PPQ’s requests to review and approve “draft permit conditions” and/or to complete the “applicant inspection questionnaire”. Learn More.

Survey Announcement

One of the goals and objectives of the APHIS-PPQ- Permit Unit's Quality Management System is to increase our customer service awareness. To address this, we are initiating our Stakeholder/Customer Satisfaction Survey to hear from you. We need your valuable feedback to help us evaluate and improve our customer service. We would like to thank you in advance for completing the survey.

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