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Agreements Services Center (ASC)

Federal Financial Assistance Program Requirements Related to the American Rescue Plan 4/13/2021

Welcome to the Agreements Services Center (ASC) Web site.

The Agreements Services Center (ASC) resides within the Financial Services Branch of the MRPBS, Financial Management Division. The ASC is responsible for operational support to Headquarters, for developing agency policy for a variety of agreements, developing and delivering agreements quarterly meetings and training, administering the ezFedGrants system and ACMS Agreements Inventory, and providing technical guidance to agency field personnel. The types of agreements for which the ASC is responsible includes federal financial assistance (cooperative agreements and grants), cooperative service agreements (trust funds and reimbursables), interagency agreements, memoranda of understanding, cooperative arrangements, and technology transfer agreements (cooperative research and development agreements, material transfer agreements, and confidentiality agreements).

For APHIS Recipients

Answers to agreements related questions can be found in Frequently Asked Questions.

To download grant and cooperative agreement application forms, choose Links. To apply for grant opportunities online, choose Links, then go to to Get Started.

In our Toolkit is a variety of helpful information, including Announcement Guidelines, information on the Intergovernmental Review Process, agreements related forms, workplan formats, and links to agreements regulations.

We provide a number of agreements management checklists in our Authorized Departmental Officer's Designated Representative (ADODR) Tools (Employees Only) Employees Only

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have questions or need information. Gazette

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