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Testing Protocols - BB (Bacteriology)

As of November 15, 2018 Document ID numbers have changed due to a quality document management system transition in CVB. As documents are updated you will see new ID numbers.

ID Title Date
BBPRO0002 Modified Potency Testing Protocol for Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) Tuberculins Jul 17, 2018
BBPRO1006 Polymerase Chain Reaction for the Detection of Mycoplasma Contamination Mar 24, 2015
BBPRO1008 Potency Test for Clostridium perfringens Type D epsilon Antitoxin Using a Cell Assay Sep 23, 2016
BBPRO1009 Potency Test for Clostridium septicum Alpha Antitoxin Using a Cell Assay Sep 23, 2016
BBPRO0003 Potency Testing of Clostridium perfringens Type A Antigen Sep 23, 2011
BBPRO1301 Potency Testing Clostridium septicum Antigen Jun 24, 2011
BBPRO0220 Potency Testing of Clostridium chauvoei Bacterins using an ELISA Procedure Mar 19, 2015
BBAPP0011 Preparation of Cryopreserved Challenge Cultures for Leptospira Serogroups Canicola, Pomona, Grippotyphosa, and Icterohaemorrhaghiae Feb 1, 2018
Standard Operating Procedures
ID Title Date
CVB-SOP-0104 Standard Bacterial Plate Count January 27, 2021


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