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Proficiency Test Panels Available from the NVSL

The following proficiency test panels are available from the NVSL on a regularly scheduled basis. Other panels, listed in the Reagents catalog, are available upon request. See the Reagents page to view the Reagents Catalog and ordering information.

Click on the lab link to view contact information for the lab providing the proficiency panel.

Name (all in PDF format) Format Target Distribution Lab
African Swine Fever real time PCR January FADDL
Anaplasmosis Serology October DBL
Avian Influenza -Swine Influenza rRT-PCR January DVL
Avian Influenza AGID November DVL
Bacteriology Culture Spring/Summer DBL
Bluetongue AGID, ELISA May DVL
Bovine Leukosis AGID, ELISA May DVL
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy ELISA March PL
Brucellosis Serology May DBL
Chronic Wasting Disease ELISA September PL
Classical Swine Fever rRT-PCR September FADDL
Contagious Equine Metritis Culture Annually or as needed DBL
Equine Infectious Anemia AGID, ELISA May DVL
Equine Viral Arteritis VN Serology Every 2 years DVL
Foot and Mouth Disease rRT-PCR September FADDL
Johne's Disease Culture, individual April/May DBL
Johne's Disease Culture, pooled April/May DBL
Leptospira Microagglutination Every 3 years DBL
Newcastle Disease (APMV-1) rRT-PCR January DVL
Piroplasmosis cELISA October DBL
Pseudorabies gB ELISA January DVL
Pseudorabies gI ELISA (serum) January DVL
Pseudorabies gI ELISA (meat juice) January DVL
Pseudorabies Autolex January DVL
Pseudorabies VN Serology January DVL
Rinderpest rRT-PCR January FADDL
Salmonella Serotyping Spring DBL
Salmonella Type D Culture Annually DBL
Scrapie/Chronic Wasting Disease Histopathology June PL
Vesicular Stomatitis CF February DVL
Proficiency Test Reports  
General Summary of the 2008 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel
General Summary of the 2009 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel
General Summary of the 2010 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel
General Summary of the 2011 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel
General Summary of the 2012 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel
General Summary of the 2013 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel
General Summary of the 2014 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel
General Summary of the 2015 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel
General Summary of the 2016 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel
General Summary of the 2017 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel
General Summary of the 2018 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel
General Summary of the 2019 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel
General Summary of the 2020 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel
General Summary of the 2021 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel
General Summary of the 2022 Johne's Disease Fecal Proficiency Panel











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