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Reagents and Proficiency Testing Available from the NVSL

Diagnostic reagents are produced by the National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL) as needed for veterinary diagnostic use when a commercial source of reagent is not available or when commercial sources are not fulfilling diagnostic needs. Proficiency testing is offered for diagnostics associated with USDA program diseases, as well as other diseases requiring APHIS laboratory approval, and quality control purposes.

Items requested from the National Veterinary Services Laboratories catalog may not be available or may be limited in quantity at any time due to domestic testing or production priorities.

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NVSL Reagent Catalog VS Form 4-9

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Kit Instrument Catalog VS Form 4-12


Click here for the catalog of reagents.  Text in the PDF-format reagent catalog is fully searchable. When the catalog displays, click the search feature (binoculars icon) in the Adobe Acrobat toolbar or CTRL+F to type in keywords.

Click here for special instructions on ordering USDA Swine Surveillance Influenza A virus isolates from the USDA repository.

Information about shipping and permits can be found on the Ordering Reagents and Proficiency Tests page. Contact the laboratory at or
(515) 337-7266 if you are unsure if the reagent you are ordering requires a permit.

Unfamiliar with an abbreviation or acronym in the catalog? Click here for definitions 

Safety Data Sheets for Sample Media Provided by the NVSL

Proficiency Testing

Click here for information about proficiency tests offered by the NVSL.

Quality Assurance

Reference materials and proficiency tests produced at the NVSL are accredited to ISO 17043 and ISO Guide 34. Click here to learn more about the NVSL Quality Management System and the scope of accredited materials.

APHIS-Approved Laboratories

Ordering reagents for certain diseases requires that the laboratory be approved to perform that testing. Click to see the list of APHIS- approved facilities.

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