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Notice: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the procedures and requirements for exporting animal products, or to obtain a zoosanitary certificate for an animal product, you should contact the VS Field Office covering the area from which the product will be exported, the area in which your office is located, or the area in which the product is manufactured.

Animal Products to Korea

Export certificates to Korea MUST BE endorsed prior to shipping date. Korea will not recognize certificates dated post shipping.

The following information must be included on all export certificates for products to Korea:

  • Name of product (including species of origin)
  • Number of packages
  • Weight
  • Shipping container number and seal number
  • Name of vessel or aircraft and date of shipment

If some of this information (other than the name of product and species of origin) is not available at the time the prepared certificate is provided to the endorsing Area Office, the exporter should leave this area of the certificate blank, and request the Area Office to hold the unsigned certificate until the information is available. Once this information is available, the exporter should contact the Area Office, and request that it be added to the certificate, prior to endorsement. Final endorsement must still be provided prior to the shipping date noted on the certificate.

Korea determines the shipping date by looking at the bill of lading. If this date is different than the shipping date noted on the export certificate, the Korean importer will need to explain the discrepancy to the Korean authorities, and products may encounter difficulties entering the country. If this date is prior to certificate endorsement, Korea will not accept the product. Products shipped to Korea prior to obtaining an export certificate will be denied entry into Korea. APHIS will not be able to gain release of the product.

Korea will not accept product that transships countries such as China unless Korea will accept the import of the products directly from those countries. This applies even if the shipments do not clear customs in the third countries. Exporters should use extreme caution when not shipping products directly from the United States to Korea, and APHIS should not endorse certificates for shipments transshipping countries affected by foot-and-mouth disease or highly pathogenic avian influenza to Korea. Note - vessels may stop at ports in these countries for re-fueling, but the container may not leave the ship during these stops.

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