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APHIS eFile Glossary

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An Application is a request for a Permit. Once submitted, the application request creates an Authorization for Permit. The outcome is either an issued Permit or a Permit denial.

Application Number (A-0000000000)

At the point the Application is created, APHIS eFile will create an Application number for tracking purposes. (e.g., A-0000012345)

Application Questionnaire

The questionnaire is a series of questions presented to the Applicant to clarify whether or not a Permit is required for Import. Also referred to as the Pre-Screening Questionnaire.

Associated Contact, or Contact

A record created by the Applicant that represents address information for those specified as an Importer, Exporter or Delivery Recipient.


Associated record to the Application. Once the Application is submitted, APHIS eFile automatically creates an associated Authorization record, with an assigned record number.

Authorization Number (AUTH-0000000000)

Upon Application submission, an associated Authorization record is created. For tracking purposes, an Authorization Number is created. (e.g., AUTH-0000012345)


The Applicant’s personal contact information


The Dashboard is a base reference to the Applicants home page of APHIS eFile for BRS and AC. The Dashboard can be accessed at any time by clicking the green Dashboard tab in the upper left-hand portion of the screen.

Letter of Denial

The potential outcome of an Application request is a Letter of Denial. This occurs if APHIS personnel have reviewed the submitted application and have determined the regulated article is not admissible into the United States.

Letter of No Permit Required

The potential outcome of an Application request is a Letter of No Permit Required. This occurs if APHIS personnel have reviewed the submitted application and have determined the regulated article(s) do not require a permit.

Letter Record Number (L-0000000000)

TPPQ Letters will be associated with a Letter Number (L-0000000000). This number can be used to reference the letter an application resulted in.

Line Item

Within an APHIS eFile Application, a Line Item is created for each regulated article

Line Item Number

As each Line Item record is created, an associated Line Item record number is created for tracking purposes. (e.g., LN-0000012345)

Members of Organization Account

Member is used to describe the people within an organization managed by the Organization Administrator. As a member you will be able to view and share eFile data with organization(s) you are a part of and view other members within your organization(s).

Organization Account

A new feature in APHIS eFle that allows individuals within the same organization to share and collaborate on eFile data such as applications and permits.

Organization Administrator

Users who can edit and manage their organization. As an Administrator it’s your responsibility to invite users to join any of your organizations, remove members when they your organization, and coordinate the transfer of your Administrative responsibilities should you leave the organization.


A permit is an approved outcome of an Application request for a Permit that is created and submitted by the Applicant. The applicant can view or print the Permit.

Permit Number

Every issued Permit is assigned a Permit Number. The Permit number is used for tracking purposes by Customs and Border Patrol as well as the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). (e.g., 602-2A56P3C)

Veterinary Services Permitting Assistant (VSPA)

The VSPA provides guidance on APHIS Veterinary Services admissibility requirements for international import, international transit, and domestic interstate movement of VS-regulated commodities.

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