Find a variety of free resources to help students learn about invasive pests and the damage they cause. Lessons and activities for both classroom and outdoors encourage kids to discover these pests.

This national standards-based middle school curriculum takes students on an exciting educational journey into the world of invasive species. Four lessons are designed for easy implementation in middle school classrooms. They deepen student knowledge of invasive species through close reading of relevant texts, team research projects, interactive mapping activities, and classroom reflection.

Middle School Curriculum (4.03 MB)

Middle School Standards Chart (135.48 KB)

The Service Learning Curriculum is designed for youth in afterschool programs, school clubs, and youth organizations. Fun, interactive workshops culminate in community awareness campaigns. Workshops are adaptable for different age groups from K-12.

Download and print these activity sheets for kids of all ages. Easy to fold and carry in a purse or bag.

These three activities use field games, music, and arts and crafts to get kids excited about protecting their environment from the spread of invasive species.

These activities focus on the emerald ash borer (EAB) beetle. They're designed for summer camps, scouts, and environmental education organizations working with youth ages 8–12.

Stop the Beetle: Now! Leader's Folio (38.13 MB)

EAB Activity Book (3.53 MB)

EAB Outdoor Activity (6.87 MB)

EAB Investigator Trivia Game (1.5 MB)

Mark Trail Comic Strip (2.06 MB)

Go on a virtual stroll and learn more about the life cycle of the EAB.

EAB Nature Walk Video

In these humorous yet educational videos, Vin Vasive complains about the mistreatment of pests like him as he teaches viewers how invasive species spread.

Cut eye holes in the Vin Vasive mask and attach a string to hold it on the wearer's head.

Download the files below for the pests in your area and print them on cardstock. Space for a die-cut hole is marked on each card. Mix and match to meet your State's needs and attach them on key rings for easy viewing.

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