Trading Partners Participating in ePhytosanitary Certification

Last Modified: March 11, 2024

Phytosanitary certificates allow importers and exporters to certify that plants and plant products have been inspected, are free of pests, and conform to the phytosanitary requirements of the country the product is being sent to. This table lists which countries do and do not allow those certificates to be exchanged electronically. Some of this information does not appear in the Phytosanitary Export Database.

A trading partner that is marked “Yes”, may choose to not send an ePhyto message for a shipment. This could be due to limitations with the countries system, outages, or other reasons. 

Requirements for Phytosanitary Certification

You can read about the receiving country's requirements for phytosanitary certification of plant or plant products in the Phytosanitary Export Database (PExD).