Biological Control Organism Permits

Last Modified: March 28, 2024

Under the authority of the Plant Protection Act of 2000, a Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) 526 permit is required for the importation, interstate movement and environmental release of biological control organisms of plant pests and weeds.

Biological control organisms regulated by PPQ include:

Specific procedures need to be followed when proposing the first time environmental release of a biological control organism:

Examples of biological control organisms that do NOT typically need a PPQ 526 permit but may be regulated by other federal agencies or individual states are:

  • Biological control organisms against pests, parasites or diseases, or vectors of diseases of vertebrates (including livestock, fish and pets)
  • Interstate movement of microbial biocontrol organisms (“biopesticides”) registered by Environmental Protection Agency.

Biopesticides that are biological controls, according to APHIS, would be any registered pesticide used to control a plant pest, weed or plant disease for which the active ingredient is a live microbial organism, including the metabolites of that organisms.

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