Nematodes FAQ's

Last Modified: March 29, 2024

Do I need a permit for nematodes used as biological control agents?

Yes. Nematodes that are intended to control plant pests or weeds require a permit for their importation, interstate movement, and release.

Do I need a permit for free-living nematodes used in research?

No. USDA-APHIS-PPQ does not consider free-living nematodes (that lack a stylet mouthpart) as plant pests, despite occasional reports of them associated with symptomatic plant material. We do not issue permits for their importation or interstate movement, but requirements of other agencies must be met. Please ensure that no soil, plant pests, or debris from other plant material accompanies the organisms.

Can I receive plant pathogenic nematodes in soil from infested fields?

It depends. Soil is biologically rich and often contains animal pathogens, weed seeds, and other plant pathogens that APHIS regulates. An APHIS soil quarantine may be in effect for the county of origin. Movement of field-collected soil has the potential to spread these pests, so recipients of samples must show the ability to contain all of them before a permit may be issued.