NWDP: Surveillance and Emergency Response System (SERS)

Last Modified: March 09, 2024
banner showing natural disasters and man in a hazmat suit

The Surveillance and Emergency Response System (SERS) is an essential component of the National Wildlife Disease Program. SERS serves as the primary emergency response contact point within APHIS Wildlife Services. We have a cadre of wildlife biologists who are prepared to mobilize within 24-48 hours of a request. 

SERS biologists have received extensive Incident Command System training, have current medical clearances for personal protective equipment, and have participated in emergency response scenario drills. Selections for requested Incident Response Teams depend on the specifics of the request (e.g., immobilization and euthanasia certified, firearm certified, etc.) and the number of people needed.

SERS responds to requests for assistance from the following agencies and organizations:

Whether the request for emergency resources comes from within APHIS or more broadly from Emergency Support Functions, the SERS National Coordinator immediately develops an Incident Response Team composed of SERS biologists whose skills and training meet the needs of the request. Once the team is formed and dispatched, it is tracked for the duration of the emergency response. When team members are no longer needed, they return to their functions within APHIS.