APHIS-Approved Testing Laboratories

Last Modified: June 20, 2024

Testing for certain types of diseases must be performed at either the NVSL or other APHIS-approved facilities. Some testing is performed only by laboratories in the National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN). Click on any of entries below to show facilities that, with the NVSL, are approved to perform the corresponding tests. 

Laboratories requesting approval to conduct testing (other than NAHLN) should contact the Assistant District Director for their State. For information about NAHLN membership requirements, visit NAHLN Laboratories.

Related Information

The NVSL provides proficiency testing services for several disease testing platforms to international laboratories by request. Please note that the laboratories reviewed under this proficiency testing are not “APHIS-approved,” but rather have demonstrated compliance with ISO testing standards for the diseases under which they are listed. Click on the entries below to show facilities that have successfully completed the most recent proficiency testing panels for each disease with the NVSL.