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Our Culture

Differences drive innovation. At APHIS, we celebrate diversity in all its forms and work hard to put our values into action. We believe in people first. We want every individual to feel seen, heard, and valued—and we “walk the walk” in empowering our employees and creating an environment where everyone can thrive.



It starts at the top. Our senior leaders foster a culture of inclusion and model a deep commitment to continual growth and progress.

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Training and Development

You'll find growth and advancement opportunities at every career stage. We provide a wide range of training courses, leadership development, mentoring, coaching programs, and additional resources to help you forge your unique path here.


Flexible Work

We believe flexibility is a cornerstone of attracting and retaining diverse and inclusive teams. Our flexible work arrangements—including a robust telework program—and many other tools and resources help employees find their best work-life balance.

Inclusive Hiring

In the spirit of advancing equity across the Federal Government, we strive to be a model employer and attract talent as diverse as the public we serve. Equity and inclusion are at the heart of our recruitment and hiring practices.

We work closely with dozens of affinity organizations, colleges, and universities to recruit and place diverse candidates. We offer unique hiring paths for veterans, individuals with disabilities, and others in underrepresented groups. We continually review our hiring process to remove bias and align with the latest best practices. And we hold ourselves accountable by tracking and measuring our progress toward concrete goals for workforce diversity at all levels of our organization.

Employee Communities

We offer numerous employee-led groups and committees for career development, support, networking, process and policy input, and assistance in events and activities that promote cultural awareness. Our Women’s Forum and Lean In Circles, Emerging Leaders Program, Employee Engagement Committee, Science Committee, Toastmasters Club, and Special Emphasis programs are just a few examples. Opportunities abound for you to connect and engage on the topics that matter most.


With our excellent Federal benefits, diverse and inclusive culture, and energetic community of problem-solvers and innovators, it’s always a great day to work at APHIS.

Grow Your Community

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We build thriving communities. With paid volunteer hours and a charitable giving campaign, APHIS employees are growing a better world.

Secure Your Future

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You can reach your goals with our comprehensive retirement package. The Federal Employees Retirement System includes a pension plan and the Thrift Savings Plan (a 401K-type program, with a generous employer match), plus Social Security.

Be healthy

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Our employees enjoy the widest selection of health plans in the country, the ability to change providers every year, and programs that help you be your healthiest self—both physically and mentally.

Care for your family

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We give you time off to welcome a new child into your life and care for sick family members. We also offer a flexible spending account to offset the cost of child and elder care.

Save your money

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We provide subsidies for life’s essentials so you can save money for things that matter.

Build a balanced lifestyle

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You’re a unique person and your work should fit your life. We offer telework (up to 4 days per week), flexible schedules, holidays, and paid time off so you can focus on the things and people you love.

Develop your skills

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Employee development is a top priority. We have many opportunities to help you learn more and create a career path that suits your talents.

Green your commute

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We pay you to use public transportation or vanpool to reduce emissions and prevent traffic congestion.

APHIS Locations

APHIS is headquartered in Riverdale, MD, just outside Washington, D.C. We also have three regional hubs and field offices in all 50 States, 4 Territories, and 27 countries. Explore jobs at our locations below!