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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Countries Participating in Electronic Phytosanitary Certification


Sending ePhyto to APHIS
(Imports into the US)*

Receiving ePhyto from APHIS
(US Exports)

Argentina Yes Yes
Austria No Yes
Belgium No Yes
Brazil Yes Yes
Bulgaria No Yes
Chile  Yes Yes
Costa Rica Yes Yes
Croatia No Yes
Cyprus No Yes
Czech Republic No Yes
Denmark No Yes
Dominica Yes Yes
Estonia No Yes
Fiji Yes Yes
Finland No Yes
France No Yes
Germany No Yes
Ghana Yes Yes
Greece No Yes
Guatemala Yes Yes
Hungary No Yes
Ireland No Yes
Italy  No Yes
Jamaica Yes Yes
Korea, Republic of Yes Yes
Latvia No Yes
Lithuania No Yes
Luxembourg No Yes
Malta No Yes
Mexico Yes Yes
Morocco Yes Yes
Netherlands Yes Yes
New Zealand Yes Yes
Poland No Yes
Portugal No Yes
Romania No Yes
Rwanda Yes Yes
Samoa Yes Yes
Slovakia No Yes
Slovenia No Yes
Spain No Yes
Sri Lanka Yes Yes
Sweden No Yes
Uganda Yes Yes

* A country that is marked “Yes”, may choose to not send an ePhyto message for a shipment. This could be due to limitations with the countries system, outages, or other reasons.

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