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Draft Standards

Draft Standards and Other Documents for Comment

PPQ actively works to achieve broad participation by States, industry, and other stakeholders in the development and use of international and regional plant health standards. Plant health stakeholders are strongly encouraged to comment on draft standards, documents, and specifications. The drafts below are open for comments and can be accessed by selecting the consultation links below.

International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Consultation

There are four consultation periods throughout the year:

After comments are submitted and consultation closes, the IPPC Secretariat compiles the comments and posts them to the IPPC website.

For more information about IPPC consultation, contact Dr. Marina Zlotina, PPQ's IPPC Technical Director, at

Drafts for 1st consultation

Phytosanitary treatments as Annexes to ISPM 28 “Phytosanitary treatments for regulated pests”:

  • Cold treatment of Ceratitis capitata on Vitis vinifera
  • Cold treatment of Bactrocera tryoni on Vitis vinifera
  • Cold treatment of Ceratitis capitata on Prunus avium, Prunus domestica and Prunus persica
  • Cold treatment of Bactrocera tryoni on Prunus avium, Prunus domestica and Prunus persica
  • Irradiation treatment for the genus Anastrepha
  • Irradiation treatment for Carposina sasakii
  • Irradiation treatment for Bactrocera tau
  • Irradiation treatment for Bactrocera dorsalis

Diagnostic Protocol as an Annex to ISPM 27 “Diagnostic protocols for regulated pests”: Striga spp.

Drafts for 2nd consultation

Revision of ISPM 8 (Determination of pest status in an area): This is a revision of the standard that outlines the use of pest records and other relevant information to determine pest status in an area. This standard addresses the quality of information used by NPPOs in determining pest status in their territory or sub-area (and is not concerned with reporting obligations). The revised standard describes pest status categories and good reporting practices. The draft includes guidance on the quality of information sources NPPOs are likely to use based on source reliability. The draft also provides guidance on how pest interception can affect interpretation of pest status.

Authorization of entities to perform phytosanitary actions (Note the new proposed title based on 1st consultation in 2018 Requirements for NPPOs if authorizing entities to perform phytosanitary actions”). This is a new standard which will provide guidance for NPPOs when authorizing private and public entities (third parties) to perform specific phytosanitary actions on their behalf. These actions are associated with import, domestic, and export systems on behalf of the NPPO but exclude issuance of phytosanitary certificates (PC). The draft outlines the key requirements for developing an authorization program and the eligibility criteria for third parties to become authorized. It identifies the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in the implementation of an authorization program.

Requirements for the use of modified atmosphere treatments as a phytosanitary measure: This is a new standard which provides technical guidance to NPPOs on the application of modified atmosphere treatments as phytosanitary measures. The standard is operational in nature. Its purpose is to harmonize the application of modified atmosphere treatments globally. This standard does not provide details on specific treatment schedules for specific commodities. Rather, it outlines the general procedures and principles to ensure an efficacious and acceptable use of modified atmosphere treatments, regardless of the consignment. Drafted by the TPPT.

Revision of ISPM 5: Glossary: first consultation in 2018, several terms proposed for revision and deletion

How to Submit Comments

You can download all the drafts for comment on the relevant IPPC consultation site. To view the documents in English, open the “En” version. Please focus your comments on these areas: substantive (conceptual changes and the addition of new aspects or ideas), technical (scientific corrections and technical adjustments), and editorial (clarifies or simplifies the text without changing the meaning). For each comment, provide alternative wording and justification for the changes you recommend. For each standard, use Word document “Review” features to comment directly in the draft document downloaded from the IPPC website. You can also provide comments in any other format by indicating the paragraph number in the corresponding draft document. If the comment is relevant to the entire draft, state “General” instead.

Please email your comments by August 15, 2019, to:

Dr. Marina Zlotina
PPQ's IPPC Technical Director
Telephone: 301-851-2200

North American Plant Protection Organization (NAPPO) Consultation

NAPPO consultation varies depending on the project. For more information about NAPPO consultation, contact Patricia Abad, PPQ's NAPPO Technical Director, at

There are currently no NAPPO draft standards available for consultation.

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