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Draft Standards

Draft Standards and Other Documents for Comment

PPQ actively works to achieve broad participation by States, industry, and other stakeholders in the development and use of international and regional plant health standards. Plant health stakeholders are strongly encouraged to comment on draft standards, documents, and specifications. The drafts below are open for comments and can be accessed by selecting the consultation links below.

International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Consultation

There are four consultation periods throughout the year:

After comments are submitted and consultation closes, the IPPC Secretariat compiles the comments and posts them to the IPPC website.

For more information about IPPC consultation, contact Dr. Marina Zlotina, PPQ's IPPC Technical Director, at

There are currently no IPPC draft standards available for consultation.

North American Plant Protection Organization (NAPPO) Consultation

NAPPO consultation varies depending on the project. For more information about NAPPO consultation, contact Patricia Abad, PPQ's NAPPO Technical Director, at

There are currently no NAPPO draft standards available for consultation.

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