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Sample Partial Denial Letter


Sample partial denial:

SUBJECT: Restoration of Annual Leave - (employee's name here)


This responds to your request for the restoration of (insert number of hours) hours of annual leave for (insert employee's name). (insert number of hours) hours are approved; of (insert number of hours) are denied as explained below. This approval is based on an operational emergency (exigency of the public business) which prevented the employee from taking prescheduled annual leave. This restored leave will be credited to a separate account and must be used by of (insert date). If not used by this date, it will be forfeited without further right to restoration.

A leave audit revealed that during pay period periods ________________ 
(insert the pay periods and leave year), (insert employee's name) was able to use (insert number of hours) hours of the previously canceled leave. For this reason, (insert number of hours) hours may not be restored.

Copies of the approved Form AD-582, Authorization for Restored Annual Leave, as well as a copy of this notification, are being forwarded to MRP Business Services, Human Resources Operations (MRPBS-HRO), Minneapolis, Minnesota, for use in officially updating the National Finance Center (NFC) data base and documenting the employee's Official Personnel Folder. Please note that no further action should be taken by the timekeeper until notified by MRPBS-HRO that the NFC update has been completed. MRPBS-HRO will also provide specific instructions to the timekeeper for updating webTA at that time. In addition, the use of restored leave will not be accurately accepted for time and attendance purposes until after both updating procedures have been accomplished.

Please distribute the enclosed copies of the approved AD-582 as indicated. If you have any questions concerning this letter, please feel free to contact me on



MRPBS-HRO-LCT, Minneapolis, MN

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