Licensed Veterinary Biological Product Information

Licensed Veterinary Biological Product Information

Currently Licensed Veterinary Biological Products (includes imported under permit)

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Currently Licensed Biologics for Aquatic Animals
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Product Licensing Data

The purpose of these web pages is to improve the way information is provided to the general public, and the veterinary community, regarding product performance by providing efficacy and safety data used to license the product. These web pages do not apply to diagnostic test kits, allergenic extracts, antibody products or autogenous products.

NOTE: There may be limited product licensing efficacy or safety data available on this website due to the phased implementation of this regulation. Products will be phased in over a period of 4 years.

Precautionary Statements and Disclaimers 

Conclusions regarding how effective or safe a vaccine is compared to a similar vaccine should not be made on the basis of these data summaries. Differences in animals and study design may vary too much for meaningful comparisons to other vaccines. 

Please consult with a licensed veterinarian for interpretation of data. 

All products have been shown to be effective in healthy animals. A protective immune response may not be elicited if animals are incubating an infectious disease, are malnourished or parasitized, are stressed due to shipment or environmental conditions, are otherwise immunocompromised, or the vaccine is not administered in accordance with label directions. 

Efficacy and safety data for some products licensed many years ago may no longer be available for various reasons. The lack of data for those products should not be misconstrued to mean those products are any less efficacious or less safe than those products for which efficacy and safety data are available.


Questions regarding product licensing data or this regulation may be directed to

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