Renewal Instructions

Renewal Instructions

The renewal process is a two-step process as follows:

  1. Complete your APHIS Approved Supplemental Training Modules.
  2. Complete and submit your application.

The application can either be submitted on-line or via paper.

You can read written instructions demonstrating how to apply for renewal on-line either at applying for renewal of accreditation on-line for first time users or applying for renewal of accreditation on-line for repeat users or watch a ten-minute video on the renewal process.  NVAP strongly recommends you not postpone the renewal process until just before your accreditation expires. The database you access to take your APHIS Approved Supplemental Training and retrieve your certificates of completion, as well as the database you access to apply for renewal of accreditation may be unavailable at any time due to maintenance schedules or technical problems outside our control.

Or you can renew using a paper VS Form 1-36A application, which you will sign in ink and mail to your NVAP Coordinator.

You may complete your training anytime during your three-year renewal cycle but may not apply to renew your accreditation until six months prior to your assigned Accreditation Renewal Date (ARD).

If you do not know your ARD, contact your local Veterinary Services (VS) NVAP Coordinator in the State where your business address is located. The National Veterinary Accreditation Program sends e-mail reminders six, three, and one month prior to your ARD. If you prefer to receive one reminder via US Postal Service three months prior to your ARD in lieu of e-mail reminders, contact your VS NVAP Coordinator.

If you perform accredited duties in more than one State, it is only necessary to renew your accreditation one time.

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