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NAHMS Swine Studies


NAHMS Swine 2012  

As with the four previous NAHMS swine studies, NAHMS Swine 2012 was national in scope, collaborative in nature, and voluntary. Data collected during the study were strictly confidential and used to generate scientifically based and statistically valid national estimates, to be used for education, research, and policy development.

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NAHMS Swine 2007 - Small-Enterprise Study

NAHMS Swine 2006 

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NAHMS Swine 2000 

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NAHMS Swine 1995: Grower/Finisher 

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NAHMS Swine Inventory 1990 

Morbidity/Mortality and Health Management of Swine in the United States (pdf 196kb 1/92)

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General NAHMS Swine Health Information 


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