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NAHMS Goat Studies

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NAHMS Goat 2019

The National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS), a nonregulatory unit of USDA-APHIS-VS, is developing its Goat 2019 study. NAHMS recently conducted a brief on-line survey and greatly appreciates the input from those who completed the survey. NAHMS conducted the survey to:

  • Find out what you consider to be the most important health issues facing the goat industry,
  • Help identify the critical information needs regarding health management practices used in the U.S. goat industry, and
  • Ask your opinion on how we can encourage goat producers to participate in the Goat 2019 study.

NAHMS will use survey results to develop the information objectives that will shape the NAHMS study.

NAHMS Goat 2019 Study (pdf 393kb 10/18)

Needs Assessment Survey Results for the Upcoming NAHMS Goat 2019 Study (pdf 518kb 2/18)

Goat 2019 study materials

NAHMS Goat 2009 

Goat 2009: Part III: Biosecurity Disease-prevention Practices on U.S. Goat Operations, 2009 (pdf 1.1mb 1/12)

Small-scale U.S. Goat Operations (pdf 888kb 6/11)

Goat 2009: Part II: Reference of Goat Health and Marketing Practices in the United States, 2009 (pdf 1.1mb 4/11)

Goat 2009: Part I: Reference of Goat Management Practices in the United States, 2009 (pdf 1.6mb 7/10)

National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) to Study Goat Industry in 2009 (pdf 96kb 4/10)

Goat 2009: An In-Depth Look at the U.S. Goat Industry (pdf 780kb 3/10)

Info Sheets:


Goat 2009 study questionnaires


Evaluation of Factors that Would Initiate or Propagate Epidemic Coxiellosis in the U.S. Domesticated Goat Population (pdf 6/13)


Goat and Kid Death Loss Studies

Goat and Kid Predator and Nonpredator Death Loss in the United States, 2015 (pdf 1.2mb 4/17 rev 5/17) 

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