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Trinidad and Tobago


Notice: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the procedures and requirements for exporting animal products, or to obtain a zoosanitary certificate for an animal product, you should contact the VS Field Office covering the area from which the product will be exported, the area in which your office is located, or the area in which the product is manufactured.

Animal Products to Trinidad and Tobago

In general the full scope of animal products available in domestic markets is eligible for export to Trinidad and Tobago. An export certificate issued by the competent or delegated authority is generally required.

Processed foods and food ingredients containing animal products as well as shelf stable food preparations and minor dairy food products should be accompanied by a Free Sale Certificate issued by a food safety agency in the State of manufacture under the authority of the competent authority or by the United States Food and Drug Administration. No APHIS Veterinary Services certificate should be necessary.

For unprocessed or minimally processed animal products that are intended for use in either human foods or in animal feeds, an appropriate export certificate is required. The export certificate should attest to the animal health status of the United States with respect to the animal species of origin, either preprinted on the certificate (Export Certificate for Animal Products VS form 16-4) or in additional declarations on the certificate. These additional certification statements should address specific animal disease risk that may be inherent to the product and that are supported by recommendations of the Terrestrial Animal Disease Code (OIE).

With regard to new animal products (not previously imported), either the Animal Health Subdivision, Ministry of Food Production (for animal disease risks), or Chemistry, Food and Drug Division, Ministry of Health (for human health risks), will conduct an assessment to determine eligibility.

Import permits

Exporters are advised that importers will likely require paperwork in advance of the arrival of the animal product in order to request an import permit from the Animal Health Subdivision. Import permits are issued on a shipment by shipment basis and only after the documents have been presented by the importer or importer’s agent. Details are available from the following:

Technical Officer Animal Health
Animal Health Subdivision 
Ministry of Food Production
80 Abercromby Street, Port of Spain
Tel: 1-868-625-5997 / 1-868-625-1473
Fax: 1-868-625-5993

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