Last Modified: April 04, 2024

Soil is strictly controlled under APHIS quarantine regulations 7 CFR 330 because it can readily provide a pathway for the introduction of a variety of dangerous organisms into the United States.

Importing soil into the United States from foreign sources is prohibited. Moving soil within the continental United States is restricted unless authorized by APHIS under specific conditions, safeguards, and controlled circumstances described in a permit and/or compliance agreement. 

Use PPQ Form 525-A, Application for Permit To Receive Soil or PPQ Form 526, Application for Permit To Move Live Plant Pests, Biological Control Agents, or Noxious Weeds.

Apply for a Permit

General Information

Canadian Soil 

Soil cannot enter the United States if from the following areas:

  • Alberta: A farm unit and associated land located near the municipality of Fort Saskatchewan; and a farm unit and associated land located near the municipality of Spruce Grove.
  • British Columbia: That portion of the municipality of Central Saanich on Vancouver Island, ease of the west Saanich Road.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: The entire Island of Newfoundland.
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec: The municipality of Saint- Amble.

Soil from other parts of Canada imported into the United States is subject only to inspection and verification of origin.