USDA Is Notifying the Public That the Secretary of Agriculture Is Soliciting Nominations for the National Wildlife Services Advisory Committee

USDA is notifying the public that the Secretary of Agriculture is soliciting nominations for the National Wildlife Services Advisory Committee. Consideration will be given to nominations received on or before August 2, 2022.

The National Wildlife Services Advisory Committee (NWSAC) provides guidance from diverse stakeholders interested in the Wildlife Services (WS) program (for example, agriculture, wildlife management, animal welfare, and public health and safety interests). Annual meetings of the NWSAC allow the public an opportunity to participate and provide input to the Secretary of Agriculture on overall policy and guidance for the operation of the WS program, resources to accomplish the WS mission, impacts of depredating wildlife, public health and safety problems created by birds and other wildlife, and research activities and priorities to address wildlife damage management needs. The committee also serves as a public forum enabling those affected by the WS program to have a voice in the program's policies. The committee was created by the Secretary of Agriculture under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, and members are appointed for a 2-year term. Committee members are chosen to represent the diverse interests in the WS program and the multitude of industries to whom we provide services.

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