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European Larch Canker

The European Larch Canker Quarantine is listed under 7 CFR Part 301.91 of the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service, as published in the Federal Register, and also under Title 12 MRSA, §8305 of the Laws of the State of Maine.

This quarantines all parts of larch (Larix spp.) including logs, pulpwood, branches, twigs, etc., as regulated articles.

Also any other product, article, or means of conveyance whatsoever, when it has been determined by an inspector that it presents a risk of spread of the disease.

Designates parts of Hancock, Knox, Lincoln, Waldo, and Washington Counties as the quarantined area from which movement is restricted.

This quarantine is managed by the following two agencies:  

Paul Chaloux
National Program Manager
Telephone: 301-851-2064

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