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How should attending veterinarians contact USDA?

One hand holding a mobile phone while the other types on a laptopAttending veterinarians are highly encouraged to contact the USDA whenever they have concerns or questions about regulatory requirements for licensees and registrants or the role of the attending veterinarian.   USDA may also be able to offer suggestions for addressing welfare challenges.  

The USDA inspector assigned to a facility will be the best point of contact because they will already be familiar with the facility and the details of its operation.

If you are unsure who is or how to contact your facility’s assigned inspector, please reach out to the Supervisory Animal Care Specialist for your state.  They will be able to provide contact information for the inspector or address your questions or concerns directly. 

You can also contact USDA through our customer support email at or call (970) 494-7478.

Resource for species related information

USDA also has veterinarians on staff with expertise in zoo and exotic animals, marine mammals, and nonhuman primates. These specialists are available to provide information on nutrition, health, environmental considerations, and other care or veterinary topics. If an attending veterinarian would like to speak with a USDA species specialist, they can contact their USDA inspector to arrange a consultation.

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