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Diagnostic Testing at the NVSL

The National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL) has laboratories in two locations: Ames, Iowa and the Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (FADDL) at Plum Island, New York. Diagnostic test services range from a single laboratory test to comprehensive laboratory services covering many pathogens for a suspected disease outbreak. Click the links below to view the services conducted at each location.

General Specimen Submission Form VS 10-4

Text in the following PDF-format catalogs is fully searchable. When the catalog displays, click the Search feature (binoculars icon) in the Adobe Acrobat toolbar or CTRL + F to type in keywords. 

Items requested from the National Veterinary Services Laboratories catalog may not be available or may be limited in quantity at any time due to domestic testing or production priorities.

Unfamiliar with an abbreviation or acronym in the catalogs? Click here for catalog definitions (PDF, 20K)

Unfamiliar with an abbreviation used in a diagnostic test report? Click here for report definitions (PDF, 7K)

Submitting Diagnostic Samples to the NVSL

Please note:  Samples received on weekends, on holidays, and after hours are refrigerated until the next business day, unless previous arrangements have been made with the laboratories.

Ownership of Specimens: All diagnostic specimens and all agents/isolates submitted to the National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL), will become the property of the NVSL unless arrangements are made in writing at, or prior to, the time of submission. Proprietary restrictions must be stated at, or prior to, the time of submission.

Quality Assurance at the NVSL

The NVSL Quality Management System is accredited to ISO 17025, ISO 17043, and ISO Guide 34. Click here to learn more about the NVSL Quality Management System and the scope of accreditation.

APHIS-Approved Laboratories

Testing for certain types of diseases is required to be performed at either NVSL or APHIS-approved, non-USDA facilities. Click to see facilities approved to perform corresponding tests.

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