Animal Health Status Reviews

Last Modified: March 29, 2024

Regionalization Evaluation Services (RES) reviews APHIS-recognized animal health statuses of foreign regions to ensure those regions continue to meet APHIS requirements for status.

List of Animal Health Status Reviews

Each year, RES determines the regions and statuses to review using a rigorous, science-based approach. Recent reviews are listed in the table below.

To search for a specific country, type in the country name in the search box at right. This will filter the table to show only the reviews associated with that country. 

To download the data file or a printable version, click on the "CSV" or "Print" buttons. Note: The CSV and Print files capture only what's in the table at the time of download. Animal health statuses may change frequently. Refer to the live table on this page for the latest information.

Search by country name or keyword

* Abbreviations:

  • ASF = African swine fever
  • CSF = classical swine fever
  • FMD = foot-and-mouth disease
  • ND = Newcastle disease
  • SVD = swine vesicular disease


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